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VIBES: #07 Grandma

GRANDMA Jumoke had once told me black was her favourite color. It seemed absurd. She said it was elegant and carried soul. I thought she was absolutely lucid but said she was deep instead and she smiled a smile so full, my heart raced in my sleep as I remembered it. I woke up in… Continue reading VIBES: #07 Grandma

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Vibes: #06Lanre

LANRE I wasn’t the only one at my grandma’s. My grandpa’s second wife’s son was there too. Lanre was badder than the devil. Though my grandma loved me, she was also old and she couldn’t quite protect me. Lanre was about seven years older than me and when I met him I was too prompt… Continue reading Vibes: #06Lanre

Random Rumbling

Live and direct.

So I’ve been here, and not here at the same time and although I’ve been trying to be more here than not here, it hasn’t been working out well. I miss you guys. I do. I’ve got important news though. Who remembers my plan to make money this year? It seems God has a better… Continue reading Live and direct.